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AW Collection


 Netherland based Art-designer and Image maker,

Multidisciplinary creator in the field of conceptual design, one of a kind home decor and storytelling by objects.

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edited objects-11_edited.jpg

Navigating the uncanny landscape of grief

An artistic venture delving into the uncanny realm, displaying objects intimately connected to themes of self-harm and suicide. A speculative still-life scene that echoes the artist's journey of loss following his father's suicide

The Skin Collection

Aesthetically research exploring the skin as a high maintenance to fit in the social norms of visual identety.

vases skins-12.jpg
ash a.jpg
Ash to Ash

The Forest Collection

Series of artworks that focuses on the forest as a mine motive. Through observation and intervention in this unique scenery, stories and thoughts one human-nature relationships are revealed


The Charred Collection

Collection of wooden objects that draws inspiration from one of the most powerful natural phenomena - Wildfire

FIRE ctrl

Semi-random charred patterns

With unique burning technique he developed, the designer captures the resistance moments of two polar components on top of a wooden surface - Fire and Water

YAMA (4)_edited.jpg

The Algae Collection

The project engages with the Biophilic experience and natural aesthetics by objects that create a hybrid between land and sea

pp cc-11.jpg

Color Story

Unlocking the stories and social aspect of the color purple

tatriz el halib-33.jpg
Tatriz El-Halib

The Cheese Collection

Signature goat cheese series that combine traditional Yemenite embroidery patterns

budapest (60).JPG
Matter of Time

The Corrosion Collection

A material research project that attempts to imitate and implement aesthetics from nature and  examine the acceleration of these processes intentionally 

DSC05845 copy.jpg

The Rust Collection

Material exploration of undesirable aesthetics, using rusty metals to imprint fabric

garlic doc.jpg

The Garlic Story

Research focusing on redefining our relation to one of the most ancient and fascinating plants; garlic


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