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The Corrosion Collection

“A growing tree marks down its own yearly events, offering a powerfull image of time embodied..”



The inspiration and motivation for the project were first came up on a trip to Budapest, Hungary, at the fishermen's Bastion, where massive bronze statues stood on stone pedestals, and over the years the metal corrosion seeped and forced itself onto the stone.      

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This is a material research project that attempts to imitate and implement aesthetics from nature in a deliberate manner, and to examine the acceleration of these processes at different intervention doses and in the same time embrace the unexpected.

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Along the research, i tried to impart metallic properties to a ceramic material by electroplting process. First step was to coat the ceramic objects with metalic paint layer, then to dip the it into a bath with coper powder and water, and to create an electric puls to the water for different time ranges. After drying, the objects that now are infused with metallic properties, will slowly oxidize in the open air and will develop corrosion pattern.

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The objects are visual measuring tools for the process, which demonstrate the effect of the time variable on the object's appearance and express their resonance in them. The show case presents ten identical objects that have undergone the same process over different times, creating a wide color palette, and next to them, a single living object, which will continue to change forever at its own time, without external interference.

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