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Semi Charred Collection

דניאל אלקיים תקריב משטח1.jpg




This is a unique burning technique the designer has developed. It involves playing between different doses of fire and water on top of a wooden surface. In attempt of preserving those moments of struggle, the fire captures a semi-random burnt patterns, that created by the evaporation and resistance of this two components on top of the wood.




Along the devolopment of this technique, I made a sirie of wooden trays and platters, to showcase and examine the range of the patterns that im able to create.





Limited edition created especially for the opening event of ReDesign, as part of ReEdition exhibition of local design-art collectible items.

A series of tables and amorphic wall element.

Burnt in this unique technique, the furnitures display variety of animal-like patterns in different proportions within functional objects.

דניאל אלקיים - מקבץ.jpg
דניאל אלקיים - תקריב משטח2.jpg




Tryptich wall art of contineuse frames of

"Fake cow" burnt pattern on oak boards.

illustartion 2-02.jpg




Daniel Elkayam has partnered with Aleph Farms, the first cultivated meat company to grow beef steaks and commit to net zero carbon, to explore how art and design can shift people’s perspective, inspiring reflection and engagement about Earth Day. 

The installation features a handmade furniture collection made from cowhide-patterned wood including a custom table, set of chairs, handmade wall piece and display glass vessels. The collection is centered around one of the most human experiences - the dining table. The resulting pattern that resembles a cowhide, represents the alchemy of these different elements coming together in an unexpected way to transform the dining table into something even more meaningful.


Within the context of Earth Day, Elkayam and Aleph offer the installation as a celebration of nature and humanity. It invites people to come together around the dining table and connect, which is central to Aleph’s inclusive approach. 


This is the second collaboration as part of an annual initiation by Aleph farms, that explores ways creativity, in this case art and design, can create spaces for inclusive conversations around sustainability. The company and the artist are looking forward to welcoming many interesting conversations around the table in its headquarters and beyond.


Cowhide patterned burned chair. Artist_ Daniel Elkayam. Photographer_ Hila Chen-min.jpg

Commissioned by Aleph Farms

In Celebration of Earth Day 22

Details of the burned cowhide patterns. Artist_ Daniel Elkayam. Photographer_ Hila Chen-mi
A controlled fire technique is used to create design-art unique objects. Artist_ Daniel El



Entitled “Impermanence”, a multimedia art installation invites different publics to reflect on a

semi-futurist scenario which includes a lack of natural ingredients and limited access to the foods

we enjoy today

shimrit02336 copy.jpg

The world around us and our natural resources are going through a transformation from the effects of climate change, overpopulation and human activity. In response, our food system is in constant research and debate around finding replacements for natural nutrients and materials that can ensure food security. 


The economic and physical accessibility of all people to nutritious, safe and appropriate food is defined as food security. Just the thought of a future in which meat, vegetables, and other natural products are out of reach is now more real than ever before. While humankind has already started preparing for such a scenario, as it continues to search for alternatives and solutions, the artist suggests taking a step back and proposes an emotional point of view on those changes. The artist wants viewers to experience and feel those unique moments in a fast-changing world. 


People have gathered around the dining table for centuries, starting with family compositions in the home environment, through iconic suppers and feasts across history. We have celebrated, debated, discussed and interacted with other people around the dining table.


With time, a lot has changed. The food on this table, also the people, and the culture have changed. But one thing that continues to stand and last until these days is the true meaning of gathering around the table and the communication around it. 



shimrit02075 copy.jpg
shimrit02038 copy.jpg


The table is set and ready, and it invites people to sit and gather around it with others, creating a conversation, observing the items around and pondering on the narrative of the instability of our food future. The goal of this video-art display is to plant seeds of thought around ecological responsibility and a sustainable lifestyle. 


The installation commissioned by Aleph Farms, which features a handmade furniture collection, is used in the set of Daniel’s video-art display called ‘Impermanence". His display creates a semi-futuristic scenario where there’s a lack of natural ingredients and limited access to the foods we have today. It offers a unique point of view on the adjustment to this new era. 


shimrit02260 copy.jpg
shimrit02263 copy-min.jpg
shimrit02568 copy 2-min.jpg
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