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The Rusty


Starting point



A journey to the undesirable

This project handles the questions of desirable and undesirable aesthetics. Family of objects that I created as a result of long process of defining attraction and rejection of relative beauty. I chose to base this project on the Vitiligo condition as my starting point and inspiration.

Vitiligo is a condition in which the skin loses its pigment cells. This can result in discolored patches in different areas of the body and the skin.



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By using rust as a primary raw material, the work brings to life an esthetics that usually people are irritate by, and  integrate it into variety of objects that every one of them reveals a different part of the whole. by developed techniques of oxidizing iron, the artist using the rust as a dye for white fabric, in an attempt to create freckled stains and pigmentation on it.




As a way of action, the artist create quick and intuitive responses, continuous work through hand-creation for generate "creative energy" that revolves around the focal point of the project. This is an attempt to create coherent "hand writing" among the objects and on the same time to maintain the basic essence of the story.

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Creating a concept world of the undesirable aesthetic was the main focus. But curating an exhibition with all of the material that have been created was the final act and a way of framing the story of it in more accessible way.

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of Aging

Collaboration with Tamar Dgani

for Jerusalem Design Week 2022 



The stride against the passing of time and its one-directionality is central to many cultures, philosophies, and religions. The difficulty in accepting the limitations of finite existence has spawned mythologies and myths such as the Fountain of Youth, whose waters were believed to restore health to the sick and youthfulness to the elderly. The obsessive preoccupation with the consciousness of time is not unique only to history, but has many forms even today, perhaps because it is one of the few domains uncontrollable by mankind. 

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Born from a shared interest in working with organic materials and accelerating natural processes, this work examines the effects of time on materials and their temporality. The Fountain of Aging is a living installation, a seven-day choreography of encounters between materials and their visual effects on one another. The objects are artificially triggered by acceleration methods to create a dynamic display of real-time material transformation, sanctifying the effect of time instead of resisting it.

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