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Jerusalem born Art-designer and Photographer based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Multidisciplinary creator operating in the field of image making and sustainable home decor, and specializes in conceptual design, material exploring and story-telling through objects.

Graduated at 2019 his Bachelor studies at the Industrial Design department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. A former member of the Bezalel Alumni Design Incubator 2020.

Currently a completing his masters studies in Social Design Program at Design Academy, Eindhoven.

Inspired by nature and its phenomenons, the artist transforms natural materials and aesthetics into

one-of-a-kind unique objects.

In his works, Daniel implements his curiosity and yearning for unrefined aesthetics, and by material transformation and unique techniques he is developing in his studio, he shows how unattractive materials can be not only valid, but luxurious.


Elkayam examine the range between art and design by taking things in and out of their context, creating hybrids between different worlds of content, intervenes in natural processes, while leaving a gap for the unexpected, the unknown.


He express his inner world and illustrate his ideas by creating objects and experiences. Through his perspective of materiality, and empathetic vision of his 

surroundings, he ​​developed an intuitive way of creation with experimental materials such as algae, corrosion, charcoal and more.

Every collection of objects expresses different material research and follows curious narratives and a variety of topics such as locality, transience, and decay of materials.






"Sea and Land", Rozen Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

"What is the measure of man?", Tel Aviv Biennale of  Design, Israel

"Thirst", digital exhibition at DDW, Netherlands


"Attribute for the Earth", The Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel

"Designing a sustainable future", Tel Aviv, Israel

"Barbur" pop-up museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

"For now", Jerusalem Design Week, Israel

"Redition" design art collectible exhibition,ReDesign, Israel


"Runaway circus", Jerusalem Design Week, Israel

"Promise and fulfill", Material library Holon, Israel

"Goes and comes", Comme ill faut, Tel Aviv, Israel



"Fresh Paint", Art and design fair, Israel

"Local Nature", Avney-Tal, Tel Aviv, Israel

"On-hold", Virtual exhibition, Israel

"R-sustaiable", The Jam House, Edinburgh, UK​​​​​​​

"Innatex", Hofheim, Germany (displayed by nat-2)

"Neonyt", Hangar 4, Berlin, Germany (displayed by nat-2)

"Designing for the senses", Truman Brewery,​​​ London, UK



"Veletiferet..", Benyamini center, Tel-Aviv, Israel

"Warsaw HOME", Warsaw, Poland (displayed by ovo)



Jerusalem light festival, Israel




2019 - AICF Design Excellence Scholarship



Contact Me

1st Hakishor Street, 6816711, Tel Aviv, Israel  |  Tel: +972502852522

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